About ePortfolio Academy

Hi, my name is Salih Mansur and I will be using the "I" from now on because this is a person team so far. However, I am always open to cooperation and collaboration with individuals, groups and institutions from all walks of life with variety of backgrounds for my ePortfolio education. Please do not hesitate to contact me for any inquiries via info@ePortfolioAcademy.Org!

I named the site "ePortfolio Academy"  and hash-tagged it as #ePA after trying ePortfolio Education/School/Project/University, etc. but I concluded that the term academy was more suitable since I felt that this has more coverage and is more flexible than the previous ones. I got to learn about ePortfolios during my college years and had to utilize them for my studies. However, I strongly believe that this ePortfolio can be used and utilized by anyone with no restrictions for those who want to pursue their dreams giving them a sense of a capstone project for their experiences whether they have formal schooling or not because everyone is entitled to introduce to their potential to the world through initiatives as ePortfolio Academy. This might take them on a journey from zero to hero, because an ePortfolio may help you work on yourself and what's better than doing things for yourself!

So, if you think it is time for you to get your work together in an online platform, I will help you to create a free ePortfolio with Google Sites which is similar to a personal website with a goal for you to upload/archive/record all about yourself and your #projects in one place so that you can work on it when/wherever possible and make improvements to help you focus on your priorities and accomplish the abandoned projects that you might've started or you had in mind for a long time. Time is now and #carpe #diem! Salih Mansur