The ePortfolio Academy Initiative was born as a result of a long time necessity to also simply help everyone preserve their work in a cloud computing; the story is below. 

I started college education in the fall of 2001 after I barely got my GED because of the gap in my education with mostly remedial classes, then continued to 2011 till I had my master's. I had changed majors in between because I had not enough infrastructure to sustain my educational goals, therefore I had to learn it the way by trial and error. During those years, especially when I was getting my associate degree as someone who is not familiar with the higher education system I was always confused and  yearned for a platform that I can have all my school papers, homework, projects, assignments, etc. altogether in one place because I was constantly losing my stuff, even the electronic versions of the documents were lost in the email, or I wasn't able to find them properly so did many fellow students despite that I was familiar with technology because of my background in multimedia.

During my undergrad years, I started working for the School of Education at the City College of New York (CCNY) as a multimedia assistant between 2006 and 2009 to help the NYC public teachers digitize their work and upload them to the NYS Education Department system for accreditation in order for them to get their master's degree, and they were having mostly simple tech issues in uploading their work despite the fact that they were teaching at public schools in the age of technology, therefore there were many losses in the process. 

Later, I had taken a capstone portfolio class as a self-study when I was about to get my master's in the end of 2010, and this was mind opening. Although this portfolio class wasn't necessarily electronic, I started collecting all my college work in my school email only to be devastated when my school email stopped working after the five years I had graduated because it had the .edu extension, the school had to pay for those student emails and decided not to support them after a while. Also the flash drives I was backing up my school work were also lost here and there, or stopped working. 

Then came the LaGuardia age in 2016 where the first year seminar class was conducted through ePortfolio by Digication, a private company. I also started assisting for ePortfolio classes, later to be facilitating the very same course at the LaGuardia Community College to 2021. Since LaGuardia's ePortfolio was hosted by a private company, and had its own flaws, I found that I could do and integrate better with free Google Sites, I started creating ePortfolios with it, and almost perfected it over the years. 

So, I pledge to help anyone with a desire to be discovered despite their educational background because I believe this project can help us to work on ourselves a great way I started getting my ePortfolios together and am already seeing the benefits. I am also open to cooperation with educational institutions because I'd like to further my education with similar practical initiatives. Therefore, I keep extending my invite in almost every page to anyone to create ePortfolios for their endeavors, and please do not hesitate to contact me! Salih Mansur